Birthplace Mag

PRESS: Hip Hop aficionado and well-trusted journalist, Manny Faces, wrote a piece for Birthplace Magazine, in which he speaks of the resurgence of a long-forgotten art form, the long-form music video. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the mini-movie music video extremely prevalent – including a bunch of Micheal Jackson masterpieces. Today, the comeback extra effort is seen in several genres. Then he points out the visuals for the single “I Gotta Eat” by underground New York lyricist Frsh Aire. The music for this single was produced Manny D. He then teamed up with Nes “Tic” Morales, of Ticnology Films, to start shoot the visuals. This endeavor took three months, took them to seven different locations, as they directed 10 actors. Seeing the final product, and the respect that grew during the process, it’s easy to expect future works from this pair.

READ THE FULL BIRTHPLACE MAGAZINE ARTICLE HERE: https://www.birthplacemag.com/2016/10/frsh-aires-gotta-eat/